Role : Visual, Concept, Prototyping, Development
Duration : December 2019 - Ongoing
Team : Dialog Axiata PLC - ideamart
On associated : Dialog Digital Reach Platform

Digital reach mainly focuses on targeting mass scale, well established companies and businesses locally. As per the statistics, typically Digital Reach impressed the market over Rs. 15000 monthly revenue earning businesses and assist to develop their businesses further. Apart from that, there are various small entrepreneurs, micro level companies/businesses such as pizza makers, food shops, salons, stationary shops, home based businesses such as cake making, dress making etc. who are isolated with their business and do not go beyond the stage when they initiated their businesses.

Reaching, Unreachable by giving the power to most local device you have

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PlatformPlay - Upcoming - Telco API Based Small/big Business Advertising Platform

Understanding & The problem

Looking at the problem statement of these small businesses specially, food businesses such as pizza makers, bakery items if they are unable to sell their food items at the end of the day, they need to have thrown it away. So, it will consider as a huge cost for a small business.

As well as small businesses need to have a promotional campaign which fits to cash at their hand and easily accessible, to sell their last goods in their business or do a promotional campaign only in seasons.

Purpose & Goal

In order to recognize businesses’ less than Rs. 15000 revenue earning as a niche market, Ideabiz is concern on delivering a solution of performing SMS campaigns for these types of businesses. Thus, this project will carry out as SMS campaigns where any of the small scale, micro level businesses and their customers can afford a simple SMS due to fast reachability on anyone’s fingertip.

Here, Digital Reach platform act as an intermediate layer, APIs will connect to Dialog customer base using Digital Reach platform. Micro-level companies and businesses will create their own campaigns through Ideabiz platform and execute their SMS campaigns whenever they want.

Intention of delivering of this type of project of ideabiz is not only profit making but also uplifting these small scale, micro level businesses, entrepreneur’s growth too.

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